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We want to be THE culture parlour that you bring your (or anyone else's for that matter ... ) culture vulture to for an immersive pampering. 

Items here have been highly curated and researched to provide as much background information as possible (and sensible). We hope you enjoy this site as much as we've enjoyed putting it together.  What is featured here will regularly updated, so please do stay connected via email or social media to be notified of the latest additions. 

The world of vintage and antiques is so very vast and it can be confusing to navigate, we hope you find that this site gives you as many ways as possible to explore and discover to your heart's content, as well as find your heart's desire. 

So enjoy your pampering session and thank you for visiting us. 

A message from Anye

This 'attic' has been set up by a quirky British-born Chinese who is between cultures and stereotypes. I'm neither one thing nor the other, I'm probably most like a Smörgåsbord. 

The East-meeting-West upbringing has blurred and brought down a lot of boundaries and I'm endlessly fascinated by what inspires an artist or a company to go on to design and create their work, their values and creative process, as well as appreciating the individual pieces of work for what they are. 

I'm delighted when I discover inner beauty, am influenced by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi as well as continual self evolution, and love encountering new and old ideas for what is beautiful, from the classic and iconic to the quirky and unconventional. 

In my attic you're most likely to find mesmerising 20th century art glass, stunning ceramics, kooky curios, and even the odd succulent plant grown by me. 

My mission is for this ‘attic’ to be THE culture parlour for you to bring your inner culture vulture to for some deep, immersive and at times, even self-indulgent pampering. 

I hope you enjoy your stay with us,